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Portland, Oregon is a very historic city, with a wide array of haunted tales, such as the Shanghai Tunnels, used in the 1800's to transport goods from the riverfront ships to businesses in the city.  The tunnels were also used to "Shanghai" unsuspecting saloon patrons via a trap door, and spirit them off through the tunnels, to load them on ships, where they would serve out long years working at sea. 



NorthWest America Paranormal

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Paranormal Research Investigations

NorthWest America Paranormal, is a group dedicated to research of the spiritual world through both scientific and metaphysical means.  We offer no cost investigations for homes and businesses.  As well as solutions to "de-ghost" your dwelling.  Group founder, Kathryn Paulsen has worked as a paranormal investigator and psychic medium, since 2003, helping 100's of homeowners and businesses deal with hauntings.  She has relocated to Salem  Oregon and is taking cases in Portland, Beaverton, Salem, Albany  and surrounding areas. Using both the latest in scientific paranormal equipment as well as mediumship, we can get to the bottom of your haunting and offer a resolution to the problem.  Always free of charge.  

Past investigations all over the United States, have included Houghton Mansion, Massachusetts, Sorrel-Weed House, Savannah, GA, Salem, Massachusetts, Gettysburg, PA, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO,  Wolfe Manor, Clovis, CA, Star Of India, San Diego, CA, Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, Hudson River Psychiatric Hospital, Poughkeepsie, NY, among many others as well as many private cases.  


NorthWest America Paranormal Ghost Hunting

Salem, Oregon

​​​Kathryn Waite Paulsen is a consultant with the Paranormal Consultation Network, a group that offers free, serious help and experienced advice to  all in the paranormal community